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Jeffrey Lewis.

Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics.


Data Analysis, Database Architecture, Application Development

Jeffrey B. Lewis, a Professor of Political Science at UCLA, is also the former Chair of the department, past President of the Society for Political Methodology, and previous co-editor of the American Political Science Review. He develops statistical methods that make sense of political attitudes and decision-making and then applies those methods to understand how well citizens are represented by those who govern them. His work in this area won him the Warren E. Miller Prize given to the best article published in Political Analysis in a given year. His research articles have also appeared in other leading outlets such as the Journal of Political Economy, the American Journal of Political Science, and the Journal of Politics.   Outside the academy, Lewis helped to launch and held the position of Director of Statistics at Polimetrix, Inc. (now operated by YouGov, Inc.), a world leader in internet-based survey research, and he has served as an expert consultant and witness in a variety of legal cases related to voting, elections, and redistricting.  Jeff earned his Ph.D. at M.I.T. and has previously taught at Princeton University.

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