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We work with clients to uncover deep attitudes, locate trouble spots, and place it all into an actionable context.

The CULTURAL "Brain Scan"

Use quantitative assessments to gain insights across the enterprise

Uncover the deep attitudes of your people and teams – the ones that really drive behavior– and understand their cultural and operational implications. Our unique, data-driven approach can compare groups across your organization to reveal areas where positive cultural attitudes have been cultivated and to pinpoint trouble spots that may put your culture (and brand) at risk.

Find the right people & right fit

Strengthen your culture by hiring the right people

Don’t rely on instinct, traditional surveys, cumbersome interview questions, or gut-feeling. Our tools help you see beyond the interview and learn things a resume cannot convey. Properly assess applicants on key cultural orientations, their deep attitudes on an array of topics and scenarios, and measure their fit with your company’s culture before you hire them.

Measure Impact

Track the impact of your strategies

See the big picture (and track the data that shapes it). Perform periodic or continuous reassessment of your culture to measure the effectiveness of training programs, track the impact of operational changes, and understand unanticipated shifts in culture. Our unique program of periodic monitoring replaces old-fashioned surveys with granular analysis that utilizes dynamic small-sampling techniques to provide real-time cultural assessments. We then use that data to develop effective solutions and new strategies.