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Our Story

Learn about how it all started.

Workplace Analytics™ has grown to serve its clients with a diverse team of statisticians and strategists.

When founders Daniel Diermeier and Randy Stevenson started Workplace Analytics in 2015 they were motivated by the desire to provide analytical foundations for areas that were often thought to be purely qualitative in nature – to make precise what was vague. The idea was to combine insights from behavioral economics, survey research and social science with advanced data analytics to gain business insights. The approach is now used by Fortune 500 companies to measure and manage their culture, trust, and reputation.

Daniel and Randy know each other from graduate school at the University of Rochester and later collaborated on a couple of research projects. Randy is now Professor of Political Science at Rice University and Workplace Analytics Chief Scientific Officer. Daniel was a professor at the business schools at Stanford University and Northwestern University, then was appointed Dean of the Harris School of Public Policy at The University of Chicago and now serves as Provost of The University of Chicago where he is also David Lee Shillinglaw Distinguished Service Professor. He continues to be involved with Workplace Analytics as a co-owner and senior advisor.

The two were joined by Russ Rosenzweig, Manu Kalia, and Florencio De Avila, seasoned entrepreneurs whose mission is to support start-up ventures led by academics. Last year the team was joined by Jeff Lewis, Professor of Political Science at UCLA and Lynn Vavreck, another friend from graduate school at Rochester and now Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics at UCLA. Lynn now leads the company as CEO and President.

Since then, Workplace Analytics has grown to serve its clients with a diverse team of statisticians and strategists. For more information about the Workplace Analytics team, please visit our Team page.