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Our Method

A Novel Solution To A Common Problem.

The Workplace Analytics™ methodologies and Cultural Brain Scan focus on data-driven insights, based on behavioral science.

The Problem

Company leaders have increasing concerns about how to measure and manage corporate culture as they do for all of their other financial and technical controls. Matters of inclusion and workforce diversity, business integrity, customer focus, or safety culture all highlight the crucial importance of culture. Misalignment undermines performance or, worse, generates unknown regulatory, legal, and reputational risks. Cultural analytics identify potential trouble spots early and provide an ongoing health check of the corporate culture, workgroup by workgroup, unit by unit.

Current Solutions

Traditional methods fail to provide what management needs to know: the deep attitudes of their people, their values, risk appetite, security mindset, customer focus, and innovative spirit – the real culture, the real values. Old-fashioned methods of measuring corporate culture rely on employees being aware of their predispositions and biases and trusts they will reveal them faithfully on a survey. Research on traditional survey techniques shows that most people are not aware of the things that drive their behavior and even if they are, they are more likely to give what they think are popular or acceptable answers to survey questions — especially on sensitive topics about how they treat others (including customers) or view their co-workers. Outdated methodologies don’t provide actionable insights, biased data drives flawed decisions.

Our Unique Solution

Enter Workplace Analytics™ – By combining behavioral economics with cutting edge data analytics we have developed, tested and implemented the leading methodology in measuring corporate culture. The result of this “Cultural Brain Scan” is a deeper understanding of behaviors and beliefs on risk, innovation, compliance, and any and all other components of the workplace environment. Our insights are micro-segmented down to any organizational level, unit by unit, segment by segment showing “where culture is made”, and its alignment with organizational goals. This enables management to become aware of issues before problems surface. We offer a customized, benchmarked, and actionable solution to some of a company’s most pressing challenges.

Our approach differs from traditional techniques in that it avoids the two biggest problems that distort traditional survey results. The first is that employees systemically underreport or distort highly sensitive attitudes such as ethical violations or biases. The second is that respondents also systemically over report desired behaviors such as adherence to customer focus and compliance obligations. These problems result in insufficient or misleading information as to the causes of the problematic behavior, as well as increased noise that obscures those who actually share desired values.

Behavioral scientists have developed the methodologies for uncovering the social, cognitive, and emotional factors that shape people’s inclinations. We apply these principles to a series of online interactive experiences to reliably measure deep attitudes, implicit biases, and unknown habits that may be undermining the culture and productivity of your company. Our method allows us to identify variation in a company’s culture such as micro-segments at odds with the core values of the company.

Our approach combines the best measurement strategies from behavioral economics, social psychology, and survey research with state of the art data analytics to provide powerful insights for the organization. Our cultural assessment identifies the functions, units, branches, and segments where managerial action is most needed. Our data-driven approach allows for quantification over time in order to evaluate the effects of staffing, training, and other programs used to redress deficiencies or to amplify success. In addition, we are able to provide benchmarking within the industry or outside, providing management with a scientific measurement of their performance and progress.